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I promote Wellness and Stress less living for the working class.

The PT For You is a company focused on inspiration, empowerment, and motivation, dedicated to wellness of mind, body, and spirit. My mission is to assist individuals in making choices to live their best life. I will offer tools that when applied will provide the incentive to overcome challenges and turn obstacles into stepping stones to live victoriously. Whether in the workplace, in the community, or at home The PT For You can be ever present to offer guidance to foster peaceable exchanges and interaction. Together we will go on a journey of self awareness and commitment to foster health and healing to allow individuals to live their best life.!

About Author

Dorshena Pittman is a motivational speaker, author, and physical therapist. Dorshena has spent her career as a physical therapist treating and helping patient’s learn to walk, sit again, and to restore their independence.Her area of focus, her specialty has been working with stroke patients. She has treated various nationalties, and has been challenged to use relatable and understandable tools to help each individual return to their highest potential level of functioning. None of the patients treated have ever desired to experience the symptoms of stroke again. All were interested in preventing a future re- occurence. Dorshena has compassionately worked with family members, nurses, and doctors to improve patient’s quality of life. She is interested in alleviating risk factors, and using measures to decrease individual’s risk of having a stroke. This book is her effort to guide individuals to make choices to reduce their stroke risk by reducing stess levels which leads to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the most preventable risk factor for strokes.

“The best stroke is the stroke you never had” Dr. Julius Latorre M.D.

About Book

Have you ever felt “I can’t take it any more!” “I am stressed out! ” I need a better way to deal with life!” See Me Now or See Me Later offers steps to lead you to stress less living. Being self aware , acknowledging your unique self, realizing what can go wrong, and then practicing stress reducing techniques will change your life style. These tools will be life changing when put into practice..This change in lifestyle will allow you to live empowered to live your best life. Take your power back! Live life and live it well!

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A Must Read…

A good-to-the-point read, especially if you're needing tips on how to handle the stressors of life. I could put myself in every page of the book from my childhood to adulthood. Great book, Dorshena.

Kindle Edition

Informative and inspirational read

This book is a concise look at how the body works and how mindset and actions can either enhance or inhibit health. As a physical therapist, the author gives insight and tips to being a better, healthier you in a way that is easy to understand.

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I love the personal touch and willingness to help others evolve when it comes to the way we think of stress. Dorshena has made it affordable to de-stress and I love it.

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